Powerex is a company designing and manufacturing organizations, implementing modern projects of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants according to EU standards in the Republic and abroad. The project implementation by Powerex has its own production technology for wastewater treatment plants, such as aeration systems, mixers, screens, rotary screens, pumps, piping and others. Powerex company performs, produces and delivers products labeled as "Powerex SBH" and it focuses on business and related activities for delivery of partial and complete technology solutions.

Powerex company is a manufacturer of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.

Design and production

Powerex Company and its development department conducted a study and subsequent implementation project under which manufactures and supplies a separate unit of drinking water dispenser unit, which are intended for emergency situations when there is a shortage of drinking water due to contamination. Usability: natural disasters. In this area we collaborate in the development of non-profit organization Hand for Help from Liberec.