Powerex company is an independent, multidisciplinary firm of consultants and engineers. We offer clients around the world the experience and expertise of our engineers and project managers. Our experiences in foreign trading and project management abroad offers clients the best of all: integrated engineering and consultancy expertise combined with local knowledge. Focus our activities in the first place to ensure business opportunities and acquisitions for small and medium-size with its own production.

As part of its consulting activities offered by Powerex analysis of processes of reengineering, tent strategy by the inclusion of foreign trade to the business strategy.
In other actions the company Powerex engaged in scientific cooperation with the Czech Technical University, particularly with the faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Powerex company opens access to foreign markets for small and medium-sized manufacturing and technology companies from the Czech Republic, including their support for these markets.

Projects and engineering
The result of our consulting support manufacturing companies is balanced commercial success in new markets and setting the effectiveness of internal and external processes of our supported businesses.

Projects entering foreign markets, including support for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the Czech Republic in most cases supported by the Ministry of Trade and Industry
Company employees are guided by Powerex as external reviewers of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for projects funded by grants from the European Union
Companies for which the Czech market is already tight and would enforce its products in foreign markets, we offer a complete set strategy and assistance in its enforcement and implementation.

Water treatment solutions
Powerex provides water treatment solutions for all type of applications. Our wide range of technologies and team of professionals in this sector guarantee to our clients a cost-efficient solution meeting their waterquality requirements.
Non-profit activity - the non-profit activities, the drinking water in countries where it is a scarce commodity and the supply of drinking water. These activities present the technological prowess of Czech companies and the Czech Republic in general.